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Intelligent Systems 2015-2016 [SI]
Knowledge-Based Systems 2015-2016 [KBS]
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2015-2016 [IAI]
Functional programming 2015-2016 [FP]


Diploma Title


Paper           Awards    

Daniel Toniuc
Assessing Credibility of Arguments in Climate Change Using Textual Entailment


Ungur Iulia
Enhancing version space algorithm for plant monitoring

Lorincz Patrick
Checking facts in online forums related to climate change

1st prize CSSC
David Cristian
Detecting fake reviews using machine learning

Tartan Diana Maria
Assessing Credibility of Arguments in Climate Change Using Textual Entailment


Madalina Nagy
Harmonization of conflicting medical opinions using argumentation protocols and textual entailment - a case study on Parkinson disease 2016
3rd prize CSSC
Popa Oana
Mining arguments from cancer documents using natural language processing and ontologies 2016

Bejan George
Intersection understanding using ontologies

Paraoan Flaviu
Improving emergency vehicles route in vehicular networks

Rati Bianca
Warehouse management using multi-agent systems

Santa Adrian
Evaluating customer satisfaction through sentiment analysis

Corde Lidia
Understanding characters perspective from folktales
2015 pdf
2nd prize CSSC
Roxana Szabo Automatic grading using textual entailment and ontologies - a use case in the chemical domain
2015 pdf
3rd prize CSSC
Chechices Reimond
Information retrieval from use case specifications using natural language processing and ontologies

Popa Flavius
Simulating hazard avoidance in vehicular networks

Farkas Imola
Risk management for package transport based on SAP technologies

Fodor Horatiu
Notify-Me: location based notification system

Pac-Balaj Ionut
Notify-Me: location based notification system 2015

Moldovan Marius
Assisting driver during overtaking using vehicular networks and data from on-board unit

Cara Calin
A multi-agent system for safe overtaking in vehicular networks
2015 pdf

Zolcsak Tamas
Cooperative overtaking based on vehicular networks and multi-agent systems

Dogaru Victor 
A support tool for analysis and annotation of scientific texts

Trombitas Norbert
Natural language processing for Romanian texts in tourism

Flueras Rares
A natural language processing system for Romanian tourism

Dragoste Irina
Analytic hierarchy process for ontology evaluation

Jimborean Ioana
Ranking ontologies in the Ontology Building Competition BOC 2014 2014

Muresan Vlad
Automated trading system: synthetic pegged orders

Manastireanu Marius
Gesture-based navigation system for google maps using Leap Motion controller

Marc Nicoleta Justifying software systems safety using arguments 2014 pdf
1st prize CSSC
Boian Diana Alina Car collision avoidance - overtaking maneuver in safe conditions 2014

Olar Adrian Silviu Cluj-Tourist: an ontology-based touristic system on Android Platform 2014

Rustiuc Andrei Mobile touristic guide using preferential filtering with ontologies 2014

Sincai Elena Iulia Ontology representation, reasoning and management using Ruby on Rails 2014 pdf

Suciu Daniel Interleaving ontology-based reasoning and natural language processing for character identification in folktales 2014 pdf

David Teodora Measuring text lisibility using machine learning 2013

Hategan Oana Influenza Detection Based on Twitter Streaming Data 2012
3rd prizeCSSC
Kovacs Erwin Analysing text clarity using data mining 2012

Barta Marius A multi-agent system for supply chain management 2012

Filip Bogdan Reasoning on heterogeneous streams for smart cities 2012

Visinari Gabriela Building An E-Contract Management System Using Google Docs 2011 pdf

Raluca Mechno Argumentation-Based Ontology Maintenance 2011 pdf

Varga Bernadette Integrating DBpedia and SentiWordNet for a Tourism Recommender System 2011 
pdf1, pdf2
2nd prize CSCS
Muresan Vlad Server-based Architecture for Opinion Mining 2011

Barbur Gabriel A support tool for ontology enrichment 2011 pdf

Blaga Bogdan A support tool for ontology evaluation 2011 pdf

Libotean Florina Extending JADE platform with argumentation protocols 2011

Rachita Victor Automatic verification of norm compliance for audit 2011

Man Camelia Towards Automatic Norm Compliance in Construction Domain 2010 pdf

Indrie Sergiu Enacting Social Argumentative Machines in Semantic Wikipedia 2010 pdf1 pdf2

Radu Balaj Using Semantic Wikis for Structured Argument in Medical Domain 2010 pdf

Florin Lipan Mining Traffic Patterns from Public Transportation GPS Data 2010 pdf
1st Prize CSSC
Secara Andra Online dispute resolution in e-commerce using multi-agent systems 2010

Vlad George E-commerce in Semantic Web 2010

Cretu Corina Contract management in large companies 2010

Vlad Monica Alternative dispute resolution for divorce mediation using multi-agent systems

Csaki Robert Design and Development of WEB2.0 portal for education 2010

Frentiu Florin Evaluation and control of the traffic flow using fuzzy techniques 2010

Name Disertation Title Year Paper
Roxana Szabo
Analysing debates on climate change with textual entailment and ontologies 2017
Daniel Suciu
Tourism Recommender System: Reasoning on Incomplete Interests
Contiu Stefan
Improving remote sensing crop classification by argumentation-based conflict resolution in ensemble learning 2016
Balaj Radu Detecting influenza epidemics based on real-time semantic analysis of Twitter streams 2013 pdf
Visinari Gabriela Semantic-Based Monitoring of E-Contracts 2013 pdf
Libotean Florina Extending JADE platform with argumentation protocols 2013
Barbur Gabriel ONTOWEBSTORE - an integrated system for ontology management 2013
Oxana Hotea Reasoning on Semantic Sensor Streams for Smart City 2013 pdf
Baciu Oana Opinion mining and sentiment analysis for e-commerce 2012
Ban Alexandru Analysing football games with datamining 2012
Ciuca Laura Knowledge representation and reasoning in the construction domain 2012
Georgiu Marius Ontology Enrichment Using Semantic Wikis and Design Patterns 2011 pdf
Calin Sipos Stock prediction using machine learning on the Bucharest Stock Exchange 2011

Name Competition
Year Paper
Groza Serban
International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation, ICCMA'15, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015 ProGraph: towards enacting bipartite graphs for abstract argumentation frameworks (pdf)